Phase 5

Evaluate and Learn

We evaluate our work. We talk to everyone who has contributed to Comon. Because there is always room for improvement.

At the end of each Comon trajectory, we evaluate our approach and operations. We do this by engaging in discussions with people who have contributed to Comon. We also organize evaluation workshops with partner organizations. Simultaneously, we interview various stakeholders, including citizens, experts, entrepreneurs, policymakers, etc. Why do we do this? Because there is always room for improvement. Based on the lessons we learn from this evaluation, we adjust the next Comon trajectory. In addition, we share everything we have learned with our partners. This is how we make Ghent an even better city.

Comon's approach

Curious how phase 5 'Evaluate and Learn' fits within a complete Comon process? This timeline will get you started.

Phase 1
Collect Challenges
Phase 2
Explore Problems
Is active
Phase 3
Generate Solutions
Phase 4
Phase 5
Evaluate and Learn